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We are looking for innovative, committed, and passionate teammates who want to make a difference in the lives of the residents and businesses we serve.


Learn about what we do for county departments and the residents of Alameda County.

Our Awards

We like winning awards. But that stems from our desire to raise-the-bar, not just adding trophies to our collection.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan has been updated for 2023. The plan guides our efforts to keep Alameda County innovative and on the cutting edge.


Our state-of-the-art headquarters exemplifies what we are all about: modern, innovative, collaborative, fun, and environmentally conscious.

We Walk the Walk

Lots of organizations claim to be innovative. Lots of organizations promote innovation. It’s easy to talk the talk. Much harder to walk the walk. We embrace the challenge and we have been recognized over-and-over for our efforts. We are driven to provide innovative services, programs, and initiatives because our citizens not only demand it, but deserve it.

About Us

The Information Technology Department (ITD) is the central technology support for the County’s agencies and departments who serve the community, more than 1.68 million people who are dependent on the services the County provides. But ITD is more than just a bunch of “geeks”. We are technology professionals who are also volunteers, hikers, sports fans, readers, writers, world travelers, boaters, parents, bikers, walkers, photographers, movie producers, cancer survivors, food drive donators, activists, hackers, care-givers, pilots, rollercoaster junkies, movie lovers and lovers of the communities we work in. We are….ITD.


“The teamwork and ongoing communication speed up the entire process and ITD brings an excellent team of competent and knowledgeable systems analysts and technical experts.”

Susan Wewetzer

Division Chief , Auditor-Controller Agency

“Geoff – thank you for being such a solid colleague, you consistently go above and beyond. We appreciate your ongoing support and partnership more than you know.”

Haleh Soltani

Information Systems Manager, Probation Department