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Summer Opportunity

The application submission period for Cohort 2024 is officially closed. Interested in applying for the next intern cohort? We’ll post more info here in Feb/March 2025.

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Are you looking to start a career in the computer technology field and get hands-on experience?

If you said yes, then you should consider the internship program here at the Alameda County Information Technology Department (ITD).

The program’s goal is for high school/college students to work with Alameda County ITD during their summer break to learn about technology and the County. Each intern becomes a member of  an ITD team to develop an app/solution and contribute to a project that benefits the County.

Why Join Our Program

Build A Strong Resume

The internship program at Alameda County ITD provides interns an opportunity to work on the latest technologies solving real business problems under the guidance of an experienced IT professional. The program has proven rewarding for the internal IT staff as well as the interns, each learning from the other, and discovering new views of what government work really looks like.

Job Experience

Each intern is assigned a project to work on deliverables to be completed by the end of the program. Interns get to experience the processes, challenges, and deadlines that an IT professional faces in everyday work. Internship opportunities include developing applications, websites, support services, networking, security, and server administration.


The program provides interns a collaborative space to work with their cohort, assigned mentors for career and project guidance, and team participation. They also learn about project management, design, testing, presenting, and receive education about County government, and technology’s role in servicing the local community.

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