2021 PTI Solutions Awards

GIS Category – Project: Alameda County GIS DDE (Develop, Deploy, and Empower)

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the GIS team mobilized to implement data sharing and application development strategies to inform and serve the public during one of the most challenging years for local government. With little time to act, Alco GIS formed multidisciplinary teams to produce the County’s COVID-19 Dashboard – a website with graphs and maps depicting the County’s COVID-19 infection status, the COVID-19 Resources Map, and various COVID-19 related tables and GIS layers offered on the County’s Open Data Hub.

Information Technology Category

Virtual First supports the mindset that all departmental operations run by County employees and services that support our customers can be provided virtually. ITD led this initiative by working closely with departments to reengineer and automate operations and services that require customers or staff to come onsite. Great examples were Virtual Marriages, Virtual Board Room, Property Tax Payments, Project RoomKey, and a Chatbot for COVID-19 questions.

2021 PTI Solutions Award Winners